Cloud Integration

Why did 54% of companies using cloud applications experience downtime within the last 6 months? The answer: Lack of cloud integration skills.

The rapid adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud applications has been accompanied by the demand for an equally rapid integration of these cloud applications with existing applications. Unfortunately, delivering on this demand has not been easy for companies inexperienced in cloud integration.

When opening up your existing infrastructure to outside-the-firewall cloud applications, there are new security requirements that must be addressed to ensure your data is not compromised. Furthermore, a deep understanding not only of integration techniques but also a strong business and technical understanding of the applications is required.

Another critical success factor for cloud integration is the methodology used to integrate applications. Is the approach a basic point-to-point integration, which can result in a complex and brittle architecture as the number of integrations grows? Or is the methodology using proven best practices to introduce agility for rapidly modifying the infrastructure as future business demands change?